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fanfemme_icons's Journal

FanFemme Icons (Icon-dy for Big Girls)
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Icons for FanFemmes -- like a Fan Girl, only better!

If you consider yourself a Fan, but you don't really "Squeeeee!" because it clashes with your minivan, this is the place for you.

You are, as am I, a FanFemme. We are a special sort of fan; we don't employ terms like OMG and we don't text message except under Extreme Duress. We care about our families and our friends and we support them in all that they do... even if it does make their butts look fat. We are Moms and Wives and the Hand that Rocks the Cradle. We need to express ourselves with humor, grace and dignity -- OK, maybe not so much grace and dignity, but at least with respect.

You want and use the icons, so you come here and find 'em.

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